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An old friend who I worked with way back called me to ask if I could help him with a copy of MS Project. His laptop had broken and he had an assignment which was due by midnight. Reluctantly I got out of the house at 2pm to catch up with my old friend not too far from where I lived. He needed to enter a list of tasks into MS Project to generate a Gantt chart for his assignment. I thought we could have done this through email but as we got into the work I realized how difficult it would have been using email alone. If we had to work remotely we would obviously need a collaboration tool like Slack or Skype or Huddle. And being Sunday probably a lot of the communication would be on mobile phone.

In business good collaboration increases productivity and the more robust that collaboration is the more efficient the business will operate. In communication verbal, written and expressed (body language) are the three primary forms of communication. All three forms of communication are used internally and externally in conducting business. Since each person processes information differently, it is wise to combine these forms of communication. Warren Buffet once told a class of business students that better communication could boost their value by fifty percent.

The trend

As companies have become increasingly global, collaboration tools are helping people create virtual locations to share ideas and communicate on projects across the world. Crowdsourcing professional services has made over $1 billion and continues to grow according to the site CrowdSource. 

The millienials who are“Digital Native” end users prefer instant messaging which has become their way of communicating. 

In America 72% of the population own a smart phone which has encouraged companies to develop collaboration tools that integrate with mobile phones. These tools include functionality like document sharing, chat, project management and PSTN telephony.

VoIP technology that depends on such technologies as codecs and connectivity has improved over the years making telephony much cheaper then traditional PSTN telephony. These improvements have heralded clear communication over VoIP to be as good as traditional PSTN.

phone virtual reality imageIn the corporate world Virtual reality is making inroads into the corporate world. Companies are using virtual reality headsets to create immersive online meetings with desktop sharing. With virtual reality collaborators meet in a virtual room irrespective of where they are on the planet.



Fewer people are buying their own in house videoconferencing kit and prefer a cloud based solution. The purchase of onsite video conferencing equipment is on the decline.


Companies are incorporating collaboration strategically into their business by carefully selecting tools that integrate with their processes.

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