Microsoft Tests Eye Tracking Technology that Controls Your Computer

Microsoft Tests Eye Tracking Technology that Controls Your Computer

A typical computer user uses a keyboard and mouse as an input device.  A requirement to use these devices the way they’re meant to be is to have hands.  Microsoft Tests Eye Tracking Technology that Controls Your Computer without the need to use your hands.  They started giving the public access to its revolutionary new eye tracking technology, which is still in the beta testing stage. The latest Windows update supports the technology, known as Eye Control.  This typically requires a USB hardware that’s connected to the computer.  One of these products is the Tobii Eye Tracker 4C. For now, Eye Control is only available for English language keyboard layouts, but Microsoft plans to expand the options in the near future.

How Does Eye Tracking Work?

This amazing technology allows users to type with their eyes, and it also translates text into speech. There’s also a feature known as “shape writing,” which allows the user to look at just the first and last letters of a word, and glance at the letters in between. The system will then provide word predictions, and if the hinted word is incorrect, the user can swap it for an alternative prediction.

Eye Tracking Software Makes Life Easier for People with Disabilities

The system makes Windows 10 more accessible to people with disabilities by enabling them to operate an on-screen keyboard, mouse, and text-to-speech software using only their eyes. The system has to be finely calibrated, but once it’s up and running, users can post on social media, type Word documents, and perform a host of other tasks using just their eyes.

For the moment, Eye Control only works with Tobii hardware, but Microsoft is open to other options if suppliers express interest. The Tobii eye tracking device unlocks access to the Windows 10 operating system, enabling quadriplegics and people with ALS to perform tasks that were previously only possible with a standard keyboard and mouse.

Another cool feature is text to speech, where the user can type sentences, which the system will then read out loud. This feature is great for users with speech impairments who want to communicate with friends and family members.

When Will the Eye Tracker Become Available?

Microsoft has not yet announced a date for the launch of Eye Control. Industry insiders are speculating that since the company is already working on its update scheduled for release in March 2018, we can expect to see eye tracking technology early next year.


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