Developing Mobile Applications for your business

Mobile Applications

mobile phone switched onIt is not awhile back when having a website, social media presence, probably a physical or virtual store would be good enough for your business. This is no longer enough, as online activity continues to shift to mobile where your customers are spending  a lot more time browsing on smart phones than they do watching television which means you need to have mobile applications they can install on their mobile devices to easily access your services or products. The mobile application needs to work on any of the major smart phones in the market.

How do you get round building that App

Many businesses have not embarked on a mobile strategy that involves mobile application development because they either do not know where to find a developer or they feel it will be expensive to implement. It can be and that is the reason that anyone intending to build an app should avoid building for the sake of having an app.

Ensure you know what problem your client is facing that you want solved with the app, consider how the app strategy will benefit your brand and, how the application will increase your brand’s stickiness.

Once the problem has been defined, carry out a cost-benefit analysis to evaluate the return on investment (ROI) expected from this app.

When the ROI makes sense than you need to find talented designers and developers who are capable of understanding what your mission is. They need very good experience in mobile app development especially using fundamental tools like PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

What we can do for you

Rest assured that when Support Visions designs and implements a solution, it will be secure, up-gradable, and reliable. We can build applications that have lots of functionality. This is a short list of functionality you can expect from us.

  • Location aware apps. To enable tracking and maps.
  • Text messaging integration. SMS message notifications to secure logons or to track transactions.
  • Camera integration. Identify people or objects using picture recognition.
  • Voice integration. Integrating voice commands into your apps using Google’s Voice Action or using Apple’s SiriKit api.
  • Payments integration. Adding integration with paypal to your app or building apps to enable payment solutions.