Would Managed IT Services Be Right For You? Here Are A Few Things to Consider

Would Managed IT Services Be Right For You? Here Are A Few Things to Consider

Would Managed IT Services Be Right For You? Here Are A Few Things to Consider

Our Managed IT Services Right For You? A Few Things to Consider

How do you get a small-sized business to acknowledge the importance of manages IT services? For a newly established business environment, we experience a wide range bunch of different personality types. There are factors why people become entrepreneurs or C-level executives. When we meet the owners or decision makers at smaller companies and organizations, we can tell right away why they’re where they are. They are insightful, perceptive visionaries, competitive, risk-takers and also the want to be in charge and control.

Thus, they are not helter-skelter to place the fortune of their business technology in the hands of a 3rd party. They have come as far as they have by being in control, and they are unwilling to give up that power to control. But we also learned so many things along the way.

So for example, the type A personality is highly independent and individualistic but also very competitive and aggressive. So we tap into the competitive lead that controls IT services provides them.

While the type B personality is creative, expressive and does not want regular routines. But they become alive when they hear the terminology like “cutting-edge,” and once they’re listening, then we can paint the big picture for them.

However whoever we deal with have to be committed to the effectivity, efficiency, safety, and security of their business technology to see the worth of our concept and goal. And they have to acknowledge that managing their IT infrastructure is a significant investment they should take into consideration.

So before we deal with managing IT service and signed, these are the few things that we have to address.

Is my business large and capable enough to even consider managed services?

The truth is, regardless of the company size or the number of people working for the company, will run more efficiently if its technology is monitored, maintained, and managed appropriately.

These are many aspects of your operations that led profitability and provide our Type A personalities that competitive advantage that they want. And they can relax whenever business is growing because they know that their technology is there and can sustain their growth. Our Type B personality can appreciate that big picture.

How is making another IT investment a cost-savings move for my business?

There are still many SMBs who think that they should mainly focus on and invest in their marketing and sales and core operations. They would think that they can directly call service technician when their technology is not working as intended, so they don’t have to worry about technology because technician will come quickly to their office and fix whatever the problem is or they can just buy some new hardware at Office Depot.

There are some certain flaws to this strategy.

You have paid way too much when it’s way too late – An issue that was likely avoidable if early detection has escalated into a full-blown business disruption and that on-call technician possible asks for a high rate, aside from the hardware replacement costs, and may not get to your site right away. It is essential to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to technology issues.

Don’t forget productivity killers. It makes your employees inefficient because it’s taking too long for them to reboot their computers. Servers and applications are running slowly, and they devices are full of Malware. While your non-technical employees are running around troubleshooting tech problems. You have to see and understand that your current approach to IT management is killing employee productivity and your bottom line.

What happens internally is noticed externally – Don’t think for a second that customers or clients cannot see outdated or slow internal technology and mismanagement, because if your site or applications are often down, run slowly, or your customer service representative inform them “I’m sorry, our system is down”, they will evidently noticing this, and therefore it’s affecting your business.

Thus, professionally managed IT services will provide you a competitive edge, assure your business is always enjoying the latest most cutting-edge technology, and improve your relationships with your customers and clients – all while decreasing costs.

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